Should Women Get Testosterone by the NHS to Boost their Sex Drives?

What comes into your mind when you hear “low testosterone level”? Well, I guess we have the same thing in mind. Upon hearing it, we will automatically conclude that it is a type of men’s libido deficiency. However, you might not be informed that not only men produce testosterone in their body but also women. It is not as much testosterone as men can produce though.

Having a low testosterone level will lead to a low sexual desire. Although men are more concerned about this issue than women, there are still few who want to increase their libido regardless of their gender. Thus, the need of testosterone booster (for the people who are unaware of testosterone booster, go to this page) is necessary.

On the contrary, not all women who have low sex drives are caused by having low testosterone level. In fact, Dr.ChannaJayesena, Imperial College London’s senior faculty in endocrinologyrevealed that women abstain from sex due to several reasons like depression, tiredness, or losing interest or affection in their spouse or mate. In other words, women who have low sex desire don’t really need treatment like testosterone supplements because they restrain their selves from having sexual activities due to personal or emotional factors.

For those women who have low sex drives due to having low testosterone level, the need of taking best test boosters can be an alternative solution if they want to activate their sex life. But here’s the question- Should women get testosterone by the NHS to boost their sex drives?

Now, let’s get to the point!

Should NHS allow the use of test boosters for women?

Dr. Nick Panay, a gynaecologist consultant of NHS (National Health Services) Foundation Trust and a former British Menopause Society chairman, is in favor of allowing the use of testosterone supplements for women who is in need of it. He observed that women with declined sexual desire tend to suffer from having low energy and irritability but they enjoy great outcomes after taking testosterone supplements. They become energetic, have increased stamina, develop muscle strength, and have lighter moods after using test booster supplements.


Men and women have similarities and differences in many aspects of life. In some cases, men tend to be more capable with certain things and vice versa. In this article, we tackled about testosterone booster supplements which are commonly used by men to be allowed for women’s testosterone treatment. It sounds very unusual because testosterone boosters are known to treat men’s low testosterone level. However, studies show that low sex desire for some women needs to be treated with testosterone boosters.